IN-IAAI Training
and Education

Up your skills with IN-IAAI
fire investigation educational opportunities.

IN-IAAI Training
and Education

Up your skills with IN-IAAI
fire investigation educational opportunities.

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Free Fire Investigation Training
Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Presented by IN-IAAI North District. Lunch is provided!

Open to all IAAI members and non-members, public and private sector fire investigators.

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Wednesday July 10, 2024, Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

Goshen Fire Department Training Center
2109 Caragana Ct. Goshen, IN in the water tower

Registration Required for this Free Training

Complete the registration form, or
call  219-742-0010 (Philip Topor, IN-IAAI North District Director)

Topics include:

Scene Documentation
Dan Huff, IAAI-CFI
Report Writing
Phil Topor, IAAI-CFI


    Fire Investigation Training and Education

    One of the Main Objectives of the Indiana Chapter, as stated in the bylaws (Article 1, Section 2B) is to “intensify and strengthen the educational thrust.”

    Our organization’s goal is to promote education in the field of fire investigation, and to have all members contribute and participate in the education that is provided.

    The IN-IAAI Education Director is Steve Shand of Shand Forensic Investigations. His phone number is 260-238-5800. Email Steve at steve [at] shandforensic [dot] com.

    For more information on educational offerings please contact us.


    The only accredited certification for Fire Investigators.

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    Core competencies related to fire investigation.

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    Other Classes

    Educational opportunities for fire investigators.

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    Links to websites important to fire investigators

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    IN-IAAI member, Steve Shand, educating firefighters about electrical fires in Hobart, Indiana.

    IN-IAAI Fire Investigation Class Descriptions

    NFPA 921: A Guide to Fire Investigation

    This course is an overview of NFPA 921 (2001).

    This 4 day course is a tested course and is open to any firefighter, police officer, prosecutor and coroner who may be involved in fire investigation. Certificate of completion will be awarded.

    CFI Expert Witness Testimony

    An IAAI accredited course. This course is designed to meet the minimum qualifications for CFI points in the category of expert witness testimony. Classes are limited to 8 participants.

    CFI Electrical Fire Investigation

    This class explores electrical theory and combines live demonstrations with numerous case examples. Great practical field application. Testing for CFI included.

    Scene Preservation

    This program was developed to assist all investigators in understanding how public and private investigators can work together investigating the same scene. Presented by an instructor with experience representing both public and private interests, you can gain a tremendous practical understanding of issues regarding spoiliation and preservation of a fire scene.

    Fire Scene Documentation

    This program is designed to demonstrate methods of documentation. Emphasis will be on photography, diagramming, report writing and will cover some legal aspects of scene documentation.

    Expert Witness Experience

    This is a unique experience to practice your expert testimony skills in an attorney education program. The class is in cooperation with IU Law School and is part of the curriculum for law students and continuing education for practicing attorneys. There is a Public investigator role and a private investigator role.

    As a participant in [the Expert Witness Experience] I would like to share some of my experience. The reports and case scenarios are embarrassing to any competent fire investigator, but that’s not the objective, so get over it. There is a case that allows great flexibility for both investigators, and you get an opportunity to work with attorneys/students to identify strengths and weaknesses in the case. You get to use your expertise to assist attorneys at the bench to develop proper cross examination, and most importantly, you get to practice on the stand your own techniques in combating cross examinations. As if that’s not enough, the real professional attorneys critique the direct exams and the cross-exams after each 10-15 minute segment. You get to hear the strategies that these professionals propose, and you get insight into courtroom strategies that any good trial attorney is going to implement. At the end of the day, I learned a lot…

    Expert Witness Experience Participant

    Links of Interest to Fire Investigators

    The best training opportunity for fire investigators in Indiana is the annual IN-IAAI conference. Hope to see you there!

    Attendees at the 2017 Indiana Fire Investigation Conference

    Annual Fire Investigation Conference

    Held yearly, usually in August.
    Learn more here.

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