Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®)

The IAAI Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®) is the only accredited certification for Fire Investigators. The Indiana Chapter promotes this Certification with diligence.

IAAI Certified Fire Investigator

About the IAAI Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®) Program

The IAAI Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI-CFI®) is the only accredited certification for Fire Investigators. The Indiana Chapter promotes this Certification with diligence.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Investigator Fred Sumpter, with the support of Chief Investigator Tom Hinkle, and State Fire Marshal Tracy Boatright, challenged all Indiana fire investigators to achieve this Certification. On August 21, 2002 the Investigation Division of the Indiana State Fire Marshal became the first agency internationally to have all fire investigators certified by the IAAI.

The Certified Fire Investigator Program of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) has the following objectives:

  • Recognition of professional standards of achievement in fire investigation theory and practice by government and private sector fire investigators.
  • Encouragement of continued education and training in the field of fire investigation.
  • Increased professional standing in the fire investigation field.
  • Identification of the sources of professional knowledge for the theory and practice of fire investigation, related fields and the laws and regulations governing or affecting fire investigation.

More information on the IAAI-CFI® program can be found on the CFI Trainer website.

For information on Certified Fire Investigation Technician, IAAI-FIT®, click here.

IAAI CFI Trainer Logo

CFITrainer.net is a service of the International Association of Arson Investigators which offers fire investigators “access to programs on a wide variety of topics related to the field of fire investigations.” Read more on CFITrainer.net.

IAAI-CFI® Certification and Testing

The International Association of Arson Investigators seeks to acknowledge demonstrated competence in all phases of fire investigation as held by numerous individuals from many fields, both public and private.

The CFI program awards points for achievements in education, training and experience as they relate to fire investigation. These point totals are subject to maximums in each of these areas, which further assures substantial field experience as opposed to a primarily academic or theoretical background.

A test has been developed covering the various job requirements for fire investigators, as identified in NFPA Document 1033. An applicant must achieve minimum levels of education, training and experience in fire investigation before becoming eligible to take the examination.

Recertification opportunities are provided for CFIs who demonstrate continued education, training and experience.

Membership in the IAAI and/or a state or provincial chapter of the IAAI is not required to become an IAAI-CFI or to recertify.

Click here for complete information on the IAAI-CFI© Program

Certification as a Fire Investigator by the IAAI does not determine who shall engage in the practice of the investigation of fires and explosions, nor does it substitute for any licensing or registration required by law. The IAAI has no intention of determining who shall engage in the practice and profession of Fire Investigation. That a person is not certified does not indicate that he or she is unqualified to perform fire investigations, only that such person may have not fulfilled the requirements, or has not applied, for certification.

CFI certification examinations are administered here in Indiana EVERY OTHER MONTH. Please contact the IN-IAAI to be notified about upcoming exam dates.

Indiana Chapter Certified Fire Investigators

Following is a partial list of Indiana IAAI Certified Fire Investigators (IAAI-CFI®)

Pascal Arnes
Dr. Candace Ashby
Antonio Balzano
Jason Barnett
Nicole Bechwith-Dyer
Richard Besse
Robert Brechtl
Darrell Brown
Landon Brown
Diane Brzycki
Steve Buck
Levi Carpenter
Rick Constable
Joseph Constanza
Larry Cooper
Steven Cottingham
Ryan Cox
Dr. Mark Culver
Robert Dean
Scott Dillman

Richard L Dowden
Dr. Richard R Dowden
Mark Elder
Joseph Ermert
Jack Fetrow
James Finneran
James Foster
Chad Ford
Doug Gauthier
Chad Gerardot
Ronald Getz
Scott Gillespie
Jerry Gordon
John Gray
Patrick Grimes
Michael Hill Sr.
Kevin Heflin
Richard Howard
Philip Hubartt
Dan Huff

James Jaracz
Tim Johnson
Todd Jordan
Kyle Kazmierczak
Jonathan Kempler
John Kepshire
Clayton Kinder
Terry King
Ronald Klein
David Kloss
Craig Krivak
Timothy Lamey
Charles Lehman
Ronald Lipps
Norman Loudermilk
Gerry Mang
Kim May
Patrick Joseph McCormick
Scott McDowell

Daniel Melton
James Miller
Timothy Murray
Michael Nastoff
Richard Newman
Thomas Orrell
Michael Osborne
Kerry Parrott
Matthew Partain
Kevin Pegan
Dennis Randle
James Ramer
Steven Richmond
Ronald Ritchey
James Ross
Thomas Rotering
Richard Russell
Bradley Sandberg
Brian Sauer
David Schickel

Marc Schroeder
Daniel Schuh
Skip Shand
Steven Shand
Daniel Shirley
George Squier
Jesse Storey
Kenton Stouder
Frederick Sumpter
Raiford M. Terry
David Thomas
Phil Topor
Ronald Toran
David Utt
Michael Vergon
Michael Vogely
Matt Wells
Kevin Whitaker
Russell Wilson
Robert Wirey
Michael Wolfe

The IAAI-CFI® logo is a registered trademark of the IAAI. It may only be used by a current IAAI-CFI®.

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