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Fire Investigation Technician

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The Fire Investigation Technician Program is designed to verify an applicant's fundamental knowledge as measured against core job performance requirements of established professional qualification standards for fire investigators defined in NFPA 1021, NFPA 1033, and NFPA 1037.

The applicant must provide documentation of meeting minimum requirements including experience, training and education. Upon approval they must successfully pass a comprehensive examination.

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More information on the IAAI-FIT® program can be found on the CFI Trainer website.



EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 18 montlhs of general experience in a fire investigation related agemcy or industry.

TRAINING / EDUCATION: A minimum of 44 hours of tested training.

ONLINE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION: An examination that is based upon core job performance requirements. A socre of 75% or above must be achieved to successfully pass the exam.


Current Indiana IAAI-FITs

Brian Alkire
James Beck
Matthew Beebe
Eric Brown
Josiah Clark
Ben Coe
Joshua Cottrell
Brandon Eckstein
Eric Eifert
Carl Freewalt
Kimberly Garrett
Mario Garza
Robert Gaylor
Jason Giszewski
Stephanie Haft
Tracy Hayden
Austin Haynes
Brett Hopkins
Jodie Imel
Kyle Kazmierczak
Ross Keasling
Anthony Keaton
Joshua Kreigh
Kenneth Lee
Joseph Lyons
Ryan Mack
Russell McCurdy
Geoffrey McNulty
Nicholas Medler
Jason Miller
Michael Moring
Tony Nania
Katherine Newby
Matt Noblitt
Michael Osborne
Bradley Rivera
Benjamin Rudolph
Erik Sabie
Jordan Saunders
Robert Shanabarger
Donald Showalter
Kevin Sneiderwine
Nathan Stoermer
Scott Thomas
Keith Vogt
David Wright

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