The International Association of Arson Investigators

The International Association of Arson Investigators is dedicated to improving the professional development of fire and explosion investigators by being the global resource for fire investigation training, technology and research.

The IAAI consists of approximately 9,000 fire investigation professionals around the world. Members are united by a strong commitment to the suppression of the crime of arson and to the investigation of the origin and cause of fires.

The IAAI not only provides an invaluable network of experience and understanding, but also:

· Conducts national and regional seminars which provide a forum for dissemination of the latest information and technology in the profession.

· Publishes a quarterly journal, "The Fire and Arson Investigator," which contains articles by some of the leading experts in the world.

· Administers the Certified Fire Investigator program designed to ensure a "least common denominator" body of knowledge in the field of fire investigation.

· Works in cooperation with other associations and law enforcement agencies to prevent and suppress the crime of arson. These agencies include the US Fire Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, The National Fire Academy, The International Association of Fire Chiefs, The Insurance Committee for Arson Control, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Members of the IAAI are urged to:

· As a fire investigator, regard yourself as a member of an important and honorable profession.

· Conduct both your personal and official life so as to inspire the confidence of the public.

· Regard it as your duty to avail yourself of every opportunity to learn more about your profession.

· Encourage and support professional standards for fire investigators.

· Assist other members in obtaining world class training and professional qualifications.

· Avoid alliances with those whose goals are inconsistent with an honest and unbiased investigation.

· Bear in mind always that we are truth-seekers not case-makers; that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty.

The mission of the Indiana Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators is to promote education and excellence in the field of fire investigation, and, to utilize our collective knowledge and experience to promote safety, protect the public and seek the truth.

The Indiana IAAI Chapter Board of Directors
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